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MotortradesGas absorption heat pumps can help automotive businesses achieve up to 150 per cent energy efficiency and avoid climate change levy
By: DannyPublished: 17/12/2014 03:35:00
  Is it really possible for a boiler to be more than 100 per cent efficient? Viessmann’s Technical Manager and heat pumps expert Hugh Jones certainly thinks so and the German .
Tags: under the hood, , energy efficiency, heat pumps, viessmann 
MotortradesAA president Edmund King on deadly potholes
By: DannyPublished: 12/12/2014 00:56:00
  The AA’s president Edmund King had his Mercedes E-Class wrecked by potholes earlier this year, as he was filling it with petrol in the Hertfordshire town of St Albans, when the whole front of the estate collapsed.Now, the outspoken boss has told Motortrades Insight the tru.
Tags: Potholes, under the hood, pothole britain, edmund king, aa president 
MotortradesEXCLUSIVE: The Tufty Club set for a comeback and reinvention ‘in a bigger way’
By: DannyPublished: 28/11/2014 10:03:00
  “He obviously doesn’t have the coverage he used to have but we are considering whether it would be right to bring Tufty back in a bigger way.” That is the voice of Kevin Cli.
Tags: ROSPA, under the hood, Tufty Club, RoSPA Tufty, tufty 
MotortradesMargaret Thatcher: ‘We must have secret ballots’ to save motorhome industry, after hearing of strike at Southampton Ford Transit plant
By: DannyPublished: 06/11/2014 00:20:00
  Richard Holdsworth, the founder and owner of the now defunct Holdsworth Motorhomes, has spoken of how Margaret Thatcher insisted on trying out the new Holdsworth Ford motorh.
Tags: under the hood, Holdsworth Motorhomes, Motorhome Manufacturers, margaret thatcher, MARGARET THATCHER motorhomes 
MotortradesCar safety innovations have had little impact on reducing whiplash injuries
By: DannyPublished: 05/10/2014
  ONE of world's most prominent orthopaedic surgeons believes car manufacturers have not done enough to reduce whiplash injuries, despite claims having fallen by 24,000 in the.
Tags: Whiplash, Car Safety, Euro NCAP, Sanjiv Jari, Innovations 
MotortradesAutomotive leather industry to grow ‘significantly’ but PETA, RSPCA and car designers encourage drivers to opt for synthetic 'leather'
By: DannyPublished: 17/07/2014 06:59:00
  With more luxury cars splurging onto the market and incorporating leather in either small quantities – or more often large amounts – it should come as no surprise that the a.
Tags: under the hood, leather, bridge of weir, scottlish leather group, synthetic leather 
MotortradesNew cars are 27 per cent more fuel efficient than in 2008, as car sales rise in January
By: DannyPublished: 06/02/2014 16:28:00
  New car registrations were up in January, with the UK automotive industry expecting to see 'moderate, sustainable growth in 2014', according to SMMT Chief Executive Mike Haw.
Tags: Ford Fiesta, Finance, under the hood, smmt january 2014, january 2014 car sales 
MotortradesMaserati appoint Motorline as new official dealership for Kent
By: DannyPublished: 06/01/2014 12:51:00
  Maserati has appointed Motorline to operate its latest new dealership covering the Kent territory.This agreement will see Motorline Maserati operating initially from a temporary showroom and workshop facility in Bircholt Road, Maidstone, from mid-January 2014. Motorline ha.
Tags: maserati, under the hood, maserati kent, maserati for sale kent, maserati for sale in kent 
MotortradesAutomotive businesses urged to use Renewable Heat Incentive to help fund cost of energy-saving ground sourced heat pumps
By: DannyPublished: 18/12/2013 03:35:00
  Installing ground sourced heat pumps is costly, but as Viessmann’s Technical Manager and heat pumps expert Hugh Jones puts it, ‘if you want to get the best benefits from the.
Tags: Car Dealer, under the hood, energy efficiency, car dealership, heat pumps 
MotortradesHeat pump technology may be at a standstill, but more work is being done to integrate them with boilers, says Viessmann’s Hugh Jones
By: DannyPublished: 18/12/2013 03:34:00
  The basic principle behind how a heat pump works was laid out 161 years ago in 1852 Lord Kelvin in his second law of thermodynamics. And purely by accident, American invento.
Tags: Car Dealers, under the hood, energy efficiency, car dealerships, heat pumps 
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