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Motoring Insight is a unique motoring industry focused online magazine. It has been specifically created to bring you a spectrum of industry news and views from across the entire UK motoring sector. Our content will provide genuine insight into the industry with exclusive interviews and features, road testing, technology and research and development news from the industry’s leading players.

MTI will also feature in-depth coverage of UK Motorsport from the inside, including Formula 1 and 2, Touring Cars, Rally, Superbikes and lots more.

We have formed a strategic partnership with the UK’s foremost online motoring directory , which means that MTI has access to a huge audience of over 1.6 million motoring businesses and enthusiasts who create over 40,000,000 hits a year.

Additionally MTI will reach thousands of motoring related businesses and consumers every month through partner sites, links and SEO. Over the months and years MTI will build into a valuable, if not essential tool for the UK motoring sector, whether your interest is as a business, an enthusiast or simply as a motorist.

MTI offers motoring sector advertisers a range of products to access and influence our valuable audience, which includes the motor industry itself, motoring enthusiasts and the general public. This unique audience profile means that MTI is the perfect platform for insurance companies, manufacturers, national vehicle servicing businesses, breakdown recovery, auto spares suppliers and many more.

We welcome input from motoring businesses and organisations and are keen to develop additional strategic partnerships. We also offer a unique MTI Business Profile which allows companies to showcase their business, skills, and specialities in a bespoke editorial environment. Contact us for more information on 0203 151 6410 or email

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