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MotortradesRecycling electric car batteries to provide power to homes could mean 'an end to power cuts'
By: Danny HewittPublished: 11/09/2013 00:30:00
  A collaborative project in North East England is developing an innovative solution to the problem of successfully exploiting the potential of used batteries from electric ve.
Tags: electric car batteries, ev batteries, ev technology, recycled car batteries, recycled ev batteries
MotortradesVolkswagen anticipates accident-free driving with new driver assistance systems
By: Danny HewittPublished: 28/08/2013 12:13:00
  Challenges to individual mobility are on the rise, according to Volkswagen. Founded in its sense of responsibility for the safety of its customers and for all other tra.
Tags: Volkswagen, under the hood, driver assistance systems, accident free driving, accident avoidance systems
MotortradesBloodhound Supersonic Car to feature at London defence and security exhibition
By: Danny HewittPublished: 02/08/2013 02:36:00
  Bloodhound SSC, a jet and rocket powered car designed to travel at 1,000 mph breaking the current land speed record by 31 per cent, will be featured at Defence and Security .
Tags: bloodhound ssc, bloodhound supersonic car, supersonic car, land speed record, landspeed record
Motortrades£10 Million Pound Prize Announced To Make Ultra Low Emission Cars
By: Danny HewittPublished: 26/07/2013 15:18:00
  A new £10 million prize to incentivise the development of the next generation of ultra low emission cars has been announced by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander during a visit to McLaren.The prize will encourage commercial and investment opportunities in .
Tags: Danny Alexander, McLaren P1, hm treasury, low emission cars, low emission cars prize fund
MotortradesThe ‘Cool Colour’ Coatings of the Future: BASF reveals it is making more eco-friendly ‘scratch-resistant’ coatings with ‘innovative colour effects’
By: Danny HewittPublished: 19/07/2013 09:59:00
  For paints and coatings producers, the European automotive sector is highly lucrative, with the region OEM segment offering sales opportunities across other continents.BASF,.
Tags: under the hood, basf, automotive paints, basf automotive paints, scratch resistant paints
MotortradesGermany’s 313mpg Volkswagen XL1 makes London debut on its way to Coronation Festival
By: Danny HewittPublished: 11/07/2013 15:29:00
  Volkswagen’s futuristic XL1, the world’s most fuel-efficient production hybrid car, took to the streets of the capital yesterday.The two-seat diesel-electric hybrid, which a.
Tags: Volkswagen, Volkswagen XL1, XL1, HYBRID VOLKAGEN, VOLKSWAGEN XL1 PRICE
MotortradesVolvo’s large animal detection technology could save lives and prevent thousands of accidents
By: Danny HewittPublished: 05/07/2013 13:14:00
  Volvo’s Animal Detection technology that can prevent collisions with large animals is to be developed further to detect smaller animals including dogs and cats.The technolog.
Tags: Volvo, under the hood, animal detection, animal detection technology, volvo animal detection technology
MotortradesMitsubishi Forward Collision Mitigation system given ‘Advanced Reward’ by Euro NCAP for its life-saving potential
By: Danny HewittPublished: 26/06/2013 11:13:00
  Any technology that helps prevent collisions and save lives on the road is often well received by the public. Euro NCAP has been awarding car manufacturers for developing an.
Tags: Euro NCAP, under the hood, mitsubishi, mitsubishi forward collision mitigation system, forward collision mitigation system
MotortradesNew electric car coming to UK, as SMMT launch award to search for the 'next big automotive innovation'
By: Danny HewittPublished: 10/06/2013 14:51:00
  As the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders searches for 'the next big automotive innovation', it was announced today that a new electric vehicle for fleets will be co.
Tags: Electric Car, electric car uk, SMMT, under the hood, Automotive Innovation
MotortradesJaguar car designer Ian Callum wins 'Interior Designer of the Year' award
By: Danny HewittPublished: 07/06/2013 12:24:00
  Ian Callum, Director of Design for Jaguar, has been declared ''Interior Designer of the Year'' in the Automotive Interiors Expo Awards.On receiving the award, Ian Callum sai.
Tags: Jaguar, jaguar designer, Ian Callum, Jaguar Designer Ian Callum, Interior Designer of the year Award
MotortradesNissan Micra: The New and More Stylish model with added technology and a fresh interior
By: Danny HewittPublished: 04/06/2013 12:07:00
  Nissan has significantly updated the Micra with a round of changes so wide-ranging they go well beyond what usually constitutes a mid-term facelift.As well as a new look fro.
Tags: Nissan, nissan innovations, Nissan Micra, new Nissan Micra, Nissan Micra Interior
MotortradesMicrosoft's Windows Azure cloud platform to be used by Qoros to develop car infotainment devices
By: Danny HewittPublished: 23/05/2013 11:50:00
  The innovative in–house developed connected infotainment service, ''QorosQloud'', from new international car brand, Qoros, will introduce several capabilities never before s.
Tags: Windows Azure, Qoros, Car Infotainment, Car Entertainment, Car Infotainment Innovations
MotortradesBosch working on diesel engine technology to reduce CO2 emissions by a further 20 per cent
By: Danny HewittPublished: 10/05/2013 13:10:00
  BOSCH is working on creating the next-generation technology which it hopes will help reduce emissions in diesel and gasoline vehicles by a further 20 per cent. The comp.
Tags: under the hood, Bosch, Bosch Automotive, Automotive Technology, New Automotive Technology
MotortradesNew Volvo FMX set to revolutionise truck driving with ‘major technological steering innovation’
By: Danny HewittPublished: 17/04/2013 14:12:00
  The new Volvo FMX is easier to drive, at the same time as several innovations boost its efficiency and off-road capability for FMX models with a single steered front axle. T.
Tags: volvo fmx, new volvo fmx, steering innovation, volvo trucks, new volvo trucks
MotortradesNissan Note’s Safety Shield: the first mini MPV with technology that adds an extra eye to the driving experience
By: Danny HewittPublished: 16/04/2013 13:50:00
  With the average person having a field of vision of around 120-degrees, drivers of the new Nissan Note are set to triple their vision with the aid of micro-cameras that surr.
Tags: Car Safety, Nissan, Car Cameras, under the hood, nissan note
MotortradesAuto Shanghai Show Glamour: girls and their cars at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show
By: Danny HewittPublished: 08/04/2013 12:46:00
  Auto Shanghai has been held every two years and is the most highly anticipated motor show in the Far East. Founded in 1985 as 'the first professional auto show in China', th.
Tags: Motor show, glamour, auto show, motorshow, auto shanghai
MotortradesFuture Drive Motor Show is cancelled weeks before event aimed to take Europe by storm
By: Danny HewittPublished: 02/04/2013 17:25:00
  It was set to be an exciting event with the green cars of the future spread around the ExCel Arena in London, but today it was announced the show will not be going ahead as .
Tags: Motor show, future drive live, future drive motor show, future cars
MotortradesElectric car technology developing at lightning rate, as researchers work overtime to create revolutionary motors
By: Danny HewittPublished: 08/03/2013 14:15:00
  THEY are unfairly criticised by cynical members of the public and in the past have been know for travelling only a short distance and needing a whole night to recharge.Yet, .
Tags: Electric Cars, Environment, Battery, Liberty Electric Cars, Physics
MotortradesUK car and engine exports drop significantly as car industry gears up for 'strong year'
By: Danny HewittPublished: 21/02/2013
  THE NUMBER of UK-built cars made in January increased by 1,499 compared to the same period last year - a modest increase of only 1.2 per cent to 129,049."Output is typically.
Tags: Ford Fiesta, HGV, Exports, UK Car Sales, UK Car Manufacturing
MotortradesHonda innovates with ultra-light aluminium-steel door to improve fuel economy
By: Danny HewittPublished: 21/02/2013
  A NEW weight-saving technology aimed at improving fuel economy has been announced by Honda.The innovative idea, joining steel and aluminium, will initially be applied to the.
Tags: Honda , Honda Door, Aluminium, Steel, Door
MotortradesNew component factory to strengthen UK's automotive intellectual property
By: Danny HewittPublished: 18/02/2013
 AN advanced manufacturing initiative for the automotive industry was launched today by Business Secretary Vince Cable.With a £21.8m investment from the £125m Advanced Manufa.
Tags: Factory, Vince Cable, Jaguar Land Rover, Technology, Manufacturing
MotortradesAndreas Mikkelsen: 'I can become WRC World Champion within five years'
By: Danny HewittPublished: 14/02/2013
  Andreas Mikkelsen won the Intercontinental Rally Challenge in 2011 and 2012 - despite not competing in three races last season in his Skoda Fabia S2000. The 22.
Tags: WRC, Andreas Mikkelsen, World Rally Championship, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Polo
MotortradesThe Porsche 911 at 50: 'Iconic sports car' celebrated for its 'classic yet unique lines'
By: Danny HewittPublished: 08/02/2013
  Over the coming year, Porsche is sending a classic 1967 911 on a tour across five continents and will appear in places including Pebble Beach, California, China, Goodwood in.
Tags: Porsche 911, Porsche, Anniversary, Classic Car, History
MotortradesAston Martin One-77 uses heat-resistant composites under bonnet with new cooling technology
By: Danny HewittPublished: 06/02/2013
   ASTON MARTIN's designers are always seeking new innovations, technology and lightweight materials to enhance their cars. So it should come as no surprise that the ce.
Tags: Aston Martin, Innovation, Zircotec, under the hood
MotortradesLow Carbon Vehicle Partnership names its champions at annual awards
By: Danny HewittPublished: 30/01/2013
  FROM real-life innovations that have made a difference to the world of hybrid technology to eco-friendly fuels, the LowCVP last night announced the victors of its prestigiou.
Tags: Environment, Award, Low Carbon, LowCVP , Toyota
MotortradesLotus pulls the sheet off the E21 the first 2013 Formula One car to be revealed
By: Danny HewittPublished: 29/01/2013
  LOTUS last night was the first Formula One team to unveil their new machine for the season ahead. Looking rather similar to last year's Abu Dhabi-winning car, which h.
Tags: Formula One, Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus F1, E21, Formula One Launch
MotortradesPeugeot and Citroen reveal new innovations for car of the future
By: Danny HewittPublished: 22/01/2013
  AROUND 100 businesses and political decision makers were shown Peugeot-Citoren's newest innovations at its Research and Development centre in France, with a huge amount of technology to be incorporated into cars this year.A world-premiere presentation of a revolutionar.
Tags: Innovation, PEUGEOT , CITROEN, Hybrid, Eco
MotortradesFormula One teams rush to order 24-carat gold ZircoFlex to repel 98% of heat from exhausts and engines
By: Danny HewittPublished: 16/01/2013
  RACING TEAMS are rushing to fit this season's racing cars with a new ultra-thin sheet of flexible gold ceramic - 2013's most advanced innovation in repelling heat away from .
Tags: Ferrari, Autosport International , F1, Innovation, ZircoFlex
MotortradesAutosport International attracts thousands with cars, stars and new innovations
By: Danny HewittPublished: 14/01/2013
  There were no gloomy signs of a recession with the autootive industry in the UK appearing to be bursting full of life - at least according to the hundreds of optimistic comp.
Tags: Autosport International , Radical, Freddie Mercury, Sports Cars, under the hood
MotortradesIndustry leaders set to gather at Europe's largest motorsports and engineering trade show
By: Danny HewittPublished: 08/01/2013
  THE WORLD'S motoring industry leaders will gather under one roof to show off their latest innovations and products this week.In what had been described as Europe's largest d.
Tags: Innovations, Autosport International , Radical, Engineering , Birmingham NEC
MotortradesHyundai's Connectivity Concept replaces keys with smartphones
By: Danny HewittPublished: 07/01/2013
  AS MILLIONS of people across Britain spend hours every day with their eyes glued to their smartphones, it seems appropriate that Hyundai are going one step further to make forgetting keys a worry of the past.The Korean car manufacturer is exploiting the versatility of toda.
Tags: 4x4, Tyres, Innovations, New Cars, Car Industry
MotortradesCar safety innovations have had little impact on reducing whiplash injuries
By: Danny HewittPublished: 05/01/2013
  ONE of world's most prominent orthopaedic surgeons believes car manufacturers have not done enough to reduce whiplash injuries, despite claims having fallen by 24,000 in the.
Tags: Whiplash, Car Safety, Euro NCAP, Sanjiv Jari, Innovations

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