Motoring Insight Magazine Online Subscribe About Us Contact Us Motoring Insight Home Finance Reviews Under The Hood Motorsport Business Profiles Archive Jobs I am looking for in Get your business listed Related Tags: Bridge Mill Motors – Cheshire’s leading Aston Martin specialist goes the extra mile to repair and service owners’ cars By: 4 Ref:A0245 Published: 17:33, 28 March 2013 As luxury British car maker Aston Martin adds more new and innovative technologies to its cars, Bridge Mill Motors, the North of England’s leading independent Aston Martin repairs and servicing specialist remains ‘on the ball’.As Britain’s most loved car brand, Aston Martin owners take great pride in their sports cars and with fewer Aston Martins on the roads than Porsche's, Bridge Mill Motor owners and engineers Adam and Nick, know just how important repeat business is. “You’ve got to go the extra mile for them because you get a good reputation,” explained Adam. “If you do a good job, someone is going to say something but it is not as quick as if you do a bad job and everybody knows. So we have to constantly try our hardest for Aston Martin owners, not just to keep them happy, but to show that we’re not just here to make money. We love the brand and love seeing the cars on the road.”Bridge Mill Motors Aston MartinWith Adam and Nick having worked exclusively on Aston Martins for the last seven years in Cheshire, Bridge Mill Motors attracts owners from far afield. Aston Martin owners travel up to 200 miles to have their sports cars repaired or serviced by Bridge Mill Motors.  “We’ve had people from as far as Newcastle, Cumbria, Lincoln, North Wales, South Wales and Leeds,” Adam said. “The catchment area is kind of the North of England as there are not many Aston Martin specialists about.Bridge Mill Motors Aston Martin“As there are a lot more Porsches on the roads, there are a lot more Porsche specialists. And also a lot more Ferrari and Lamborghini specialists as well. There are not a lot of Aston Martin specialists so people are willing to travel to have a good job done.”Adam believes the greatest challenge facing his business over the coming years is the influx of ‘more electric stuff’. “Everything is becoming more electric, even the most basic Ford KAs. They’re getting all electrical now, with electric steering and electric parking brakes.” ‘EVERYBODY KNOWS WHAT AN ASTON MARTIN IS ABOUT’MOT tests, servicing, general repairs and engine restoration are all offered by Bridge Mill Motors, with drivers saving huge sums of money. An Aston Martin V8 Vantage driver wishing to have their car serviced after 10,000 miles will spend £435 compared to £700 at a main dealer. He feels positive about the future of Aston Martin as the quality of parts is far greater than more common sports car brands.Bridge Mill Motors Aston Martin“There’s not as such a common fault on Aston Martins. When we were at Wilmslow (where Adam and Nick trained at the official Aston Martin Stratstone dealership), we used to go down to the Porsche garage a lot because it was only next door. And they used to have engines and gearboxes in pieces. “And I was surprised when you compare a small company like Aston Martin to Porsche that they were having so many issues with gearboxes and engines and Aston Martin weren’t. Bridge Mill Motors Aston Martin“We get the odd engine through negligence of people not checking oil and basic stuff. Drivers need to check their oil at least once a year rather than getting in the Aston Martin, driving it and wondering why it goes ‘bang’. If you check the oil at least once a year, you can drive to the South of France three times.”CHANGING TECHNOLOGYHaving a close relationship with the Aston Martin factory in Gaydon, where the pair completed their qualifications, is of great benefit. “We’ll have to get ourselves back down to the factory I think and see what they want to teach us,” Adam said, when asked what he would do if Aston Martin introduce a hybrid sports car within the next few years.Bridge Mill Motors Aston Martin“It’s back to basics and we go back to the factory. We have a very close relationship with the factory and speak to them often. They have no issues with us phoning them and asking them questions. Not everyone knows everything so sometimes you have to ask the experts, such as the people who built the cars and designed them.“It changes daily and somebody always finds a new piece of technology so you’ve always got to be reading up and looking at the next sort of material that they’re using and the next sort of procedure of doing things. “It’s like a school day. You’ve got to keep on the ball, otherwise before you know it, you’re stuck in the dark ages and then you’re no good to anyone. Especially if you’re a specialist and you need to be constantly trying to find out the next bit of information, whether you are asking someone or you go to the factory. The longer you are going forward and not backward, the better.”THE FUTUREThe future looks positive for Bridge Mill Motors. “We’re definitely going forward instead of backwards. We’ll have a bigger unit and more customers, doing more modifications and just trying to be at the front of the queue instead of lagging behind.”

Bridge Mill Motors Aston Martin

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