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Mercedes F1 W05 vs Ferrari F14 T: A Side-by-Side Pictorial Comparison of the Aerodynamics and Design

Published: 31 January 2014

Radically different, the challengers Mercedes and Ferrari have come up with this year are beautiful and radical in their design. 

But if both teams succeed in their goal to overtake the ever-dominant Red Bull, who have been struggling in early season tests in Jerez, then it would appear Lewis Hamilton could face his old rivals again as he battles with his 2007 McLaren teammate Fernando Alonso and the 2007 Formula One World Champion Kimi Raikkonen, who pipped a rookie Hamilton to the championship by just one point. 

Perhaps the most notable differences between the two cars are evident in the nose, front wing and rear wing of each. Ferrari and Mercedes have clearly interpreted the rules differently. But so far, it would appear Mercedes are the faster team in testing. 

Could it be a result of the incredibly intricate aerodynamic detail put into the front wing? And will Mercedes have finally resolved their tyre problems? 

Fernando Alonso said it was 'exciting' to be driving the new car, the Ferrari F14 T. Lewis Hamilton said he was 'definitely happy' with the strength his team is showing in testing. 

"Proving reliability at this stage is crucial and every lap is precious, as this is going to be a seriously challenging year for every team," Hamilton said. "I´m feeling very positive after these tests and every day on track is another step forwards, but there are so many challenges ahead of us in the coming weeks and months that we just have to take those steps one at a time."

Alonso said: "It doesn’t matter how fast you go, as long as you’re on the limit. Ten years ago here in Jerez, maybe we were going ten seconds quicker than today, but the enjoyment is the same."

The two-time Formula 1 World Champion added: "In fact, if I went out on track now in my Alfa Romeo Giulietta, I’d have as much fun, just as I did when I was a kid and as I do now, if I get into a kart, which is much slower than the speeds you reach in a Formula 1 car. It’s not enough driving on the simulator to get some feelings, you need to be out on track in a real car in front of the fans who have come just to support you: that’s real excitement."






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