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Morris Minor Series (Part One): What makes these little cars so popular?

Published: 18 July 2013

morris minor

As the elderly population in the UK gradually increases, are more people buying Morris Minors as an affordable classic car to enjoy in retirement?

Tim Brennan, Company Director at Charles Wares Morris Minor Centre since 1976, thinks that as there are fewer Morris Minors around, their scarcity makes them a bit more desirable. “They are widely regarded as very practical for everyday motoring while maintaining a classic style,” he said. “Those with pensions and savings are investing in a durable classic that won''t depreciate and will give them a bit of fun in their retirement. Nostalgia is definitely a reason for some owners.

“Younger drivers are also buying up Morris Minors due to the attracton of cheap insurance. 

The average insurance cost for a one-litre Vauxhall Corsa is around £2,000 for a 17-year-old. A Morris Minor is said to be in the £700 mark. “Over four years, the savings on insurance will cover the cost of running the car,” he added. “They like to work on them themselves or work on it with their dads.”

morris minor

It has always been a popular car, according to Mr Brennand. “Everyone and their Uncle owned one at some point and everyone over 40 has had some memory of a Morris Minor. It''s practical and well designed. People like their simplicity. Almost like a throwback to a bygone age, they become family members handed down through generations.”

Designed and built as a low cost car for the masses, in excess of 1.3 million Morris Minors were made. They were never sold as luxury sports cars so their prices were always low. 

Zachary Ware, son of Charles, said that one of the reasons his father’s company first saw a market in the Morris Minor was because of the low cost nature of buying, repairing and running the car – key to its popularity then and today.

“A modern car is not aiming at a vintage market,” Mr Brennan said. “It will not have the smell, look or feel of a classic car.” It is this ‘vintage market’ that has proved so lucrative to the Morris Minor restoration specialists, and with an increasing number of over-excited new drivers dreaming of driving something different on Britain’s roads, the Morris Minor is becoming a hit among young male drivers.

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