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Top Gear Live wows Warsaw crowd

Published: 25 September 2013

Already firmly established as the greatest motoring theatre show in the world, Top Gear Live has conquered new peaks by performing to a record-breaking crowd of more than 58,000 fans in Warsaw’s impressive National Stadium in Poland on Saturday, September 21.

It’s the largest ever single night attendance at a Top Gear Live extravaganza, once again underlining the show’s huge global appeal.

The unprecedented number of fans packed into the vast arena were entertained by the three stars from the award winning BBC Television programme – Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, together with driving legend ‘The Stig’. 

Bringing the TV show to life, the dramatic evening’s action-packed performance was filled with an astonishing array of high flying stunts, dazzling fiery displays, fun-filled races in Reliant Robins, a glittering array of the world’s finest supercars and a host of crazy challenges. 

Appropriately in a stadium that hosted a semi-final of the UEFA Euro 2012 competition, the evening reached its climax with a madcap car football match in Suzuki Swifts, with Clarkson, Hammond, May and The Stig representing England by taking on a team of Polish adversaries.

“It was one heck of a thrill performing in front of such a huge and brilliant audience,” admitted Clarkson. “Being plucky Brits we did the honourable thing and lost the football match but overall we all had an amazing experience – it was an evening I’ll remember for a very, very long time.”

The record breaking performance in Warsaw is the latest in a world tour which has seen the audacious Top Gear Live team perform spectacular shows in Moscow, Sydney, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Durban over the last 12 months. 

As well as providing unrivalled automotive focused entertainment to global audiences, Top Gear Live continues to push the boundaries of motoring theatre, whether it’s working with top F1 teams in South Africa or bungee jumping cars in Red Square. 

The internationally famous Top Gear Stunt Team has also performed a number of groundbreaking feats including the Deadly 720 – the world’s first double loop-the-loop on both two and four wheels.  

Although last weekend’s biggest-ever show in Poland was a fitting finale to Top Gear Live’s world tour in 2013, more stunning events are planned for next year. These include further shows in Australia, South Africa and Russia but kick off closer to home in Scotland during January 2014.

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